A sweet twist on the traditional cake smash

Adorable baby toddler sitting on the floor making a mess eating a pumpkin pie during a themed photoshoot mini session

Lose the spoon and dive into a pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie immediately conjures up images of fall

The soft texture, the lovely aroma, and the visually appealing orange color draw an instant connection with the warmth and beauty of the season. As your tiny tots engage with the pie in their unique ways, they also explore the spirit of autumn in a memorable and playful way.

Sensory exploration is something kids naturally crave

Babies and toddlers are naturally curious and tactile. They enjoy learning about the world around them through touching, tasting, and seeing. The Pumpkin Pie Smash provides an all-rounded sensory thrill. With every squish of the pie, the kids dive deeper into a world of new taste and texture, making the experience engaging and highly entertaining.

Dessert demolition creates cute and candid moments that you’ll cherish forever

These photos capture the pure joy and curiosity of your child during their first encounter with a fall tradition. Each bite, each giggle, each crumb flying off creates memories that will be cherished for years to come.

The Pumpkin Pie Smash mini session: A hassle free experience

Mini sessions mean effortless planning

With a mini session, there’s no need to worry about location, props, or setup. I’ve got it all covered to create a charming fall atmosphere.

A mini session is quick and fun

We carefully design mini sessions to offer convenience without compromising on fun. They’re quick – lasting for just about 20 minutes, ensuring your child’s attention is sustained throughout the experience. The result? You walk away with 10 fantastic digital images capturing all the pie-centric action.

Clean-up included!

You won’t have to worry about the aftermath of the pie party because all the cleaning up will be taken care of. So, not only do you get to delight in the joyous atmosphere, but you also get to leave with a happy, clean child.

Autumn themed photoshoot idea with baby covered in whipped cream and pumpkin pie
Baby going face first into a pumpkin pie during a mini session themed photoshoot

Preparing for your mini session

To make the most of your Pumpkin Pie Smash mini session, you need to do just two things. First, dress your little one in their favorite fall-themed outfit. Think cute pumpkin onesies, cozy sweaters, or any outfit that makes them feel festive. Second, bring your child with a smile and an appetite for fun! We’ll take care of the rest, ensuring they have a blast during their pie smash adventure.

Ready to book your Pumpkin Pie Smash?

Cute and fun fall themed photoshoot mini session with pumpkin pie for inspiration
Closeup of fun season mini session themed photoshoot with a pumpkin pie smash
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